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Throughout most of my career agriculture has played a part. My grandad, Jim Phelps, as a young man was a very hard working milk recorder for the Milk Marketing Board; he also worked as a relief milker and turned his hand to any job on local farms to make money and save up to buy a farm which he did in 1952. A fantastic achievement. Within a few years he increased the acreage to 240 acres. His career and success was totally based on hard work and determination and I thank him for inspiring me. Today his …..

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Supplying from the UK

UK Map

Cayley Chemicals is based in the UK with its head office at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The UK is the best place in the world for an International Trading Company for a number of good reasons:

  • The UK is home to the world language of English
  • It is on GMT so that it’s easy to trade with all parts of the world during the working day
  • It has the best banking and legal system in the world
  • It is a free, democratic, capitalist country

Thirty years ago the UK was very strong in chemical manufacturing. For many years the biggest company was ICI Plc, initially based on Soda Ash used in large quantities in the manufacture of ….

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Sourcing from India

India Map

We first bought from India back in 1989 from Modi Alkali, a 35% Chlorine product that we sold to the mining industry in southern Africa for disinfectant purposes. In the last 20 years Indian Industry has very much developed. One only has to see how the conglomerate Tata is now a major player in Cars, buses, lorries and steel and not only in India but internationally. Indian generic pharmaceuticals are recognised the ….

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Sourcing from China

China Map

When I started Cayley Chemicals back in 1987 China was just developing its chemical industry. Prior to ’87 China exported some basic chemical raw materials but the quality was terrible. However, just as I started Cayley, China got its act together and quality Chemical products started to …..

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UK Business Memberships

We are members of: IOE, FSB, ISBE and the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce which gives us access to a wide variety of knowledge and resources allowing collaboration, debate and sharing of valuable insight, knowledge and best practice and a powerful voice in government.

Exporting is Great

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Philip John Mills

Philip is the MD, CEO & founder of CCC Trading Ltd t/a Cayley Chemicals which has been actively trading chemical raw materials to Africa, the Middle East and South America since 1987


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