CCC Trading Ltd.

CCC Trading Ltd was incorporated in the UK in 1989 and has, via its trading arm Cayley Chemicals, been successfully supplying chemical raw materials to industry in Africa, the Middle East and to South America since 1987. Cayley frequently ship a wide range of chemical raw materials to Angola, Burundi, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Lebanon, Malawi, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Venezuela, Zambia and Zimbabwe. (see the map of countries we regularly supply)


Director & CEO:             Philip John Mills
Company Secretary:     Michelle James


Company Philosophy

The core philosophy of Cayley is:

  • Customers come first. Top service, communication, documentation etc
  • Cash is king! We do not tolerate late payment
  • Costs to be minimised to enable us to remain highly competitive.
  • Balance sheet value (Nett Worth) must increase year on year

Contact Information:

Email Cayley:
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Skype Cayley: cayley.chemicals
Skype Philip: cayley.philip
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CCC Trading Ltd, 10 Manor Park, McKenzie Way,
Cheltenham, GL51 9TX, United Kingdom


To consistently deliver high quality chemicals at competitive prices and ship reliably with exceptional customer care and communication.



The most recent published accounts can be seen at Companies House. In summary:

  • Nett Worth (Balance Sheet) : GBP 1.43M
  • Overdraft: Nil
  • Cash + short term deposits (under 1 year): Approx GBP 1M

Conclusion: CCC Trading Ltd / Cayley Chemicals has as strong balance sheet and is very credit worthy. You are welcome to verify this through credit agencies such as Dun & Bradstreet  by searching for CCC Trading Ltd, UK (see search results here for Dun & Bradstreet) or by quoting our Limited Company Registration No. : 02353833



Philip graduated from Nottingham University in the UK in 1973 and joined ICI Ltd followed by Fountain Farming, Thames Nitrogen Ltd and Albright & Wilson Ltd in various sales & management roles. Philip started Cayley Chemical Corp in 1987 which became CCC TRADING LTD in 1990.



CCC Trading Ltd as a group has always concentrated on its core international chemical trading business, Cayley Chemicals, but has also been involved in a variety of other successful entrepreneurial enterprises, namely:

  • Cayley Cars: Selling second hand vehicles into Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi.
  • Cayley Property: A few years ago we built a number of new houses in the UK. We also renovated run-down properties and brought them up to a saleable standard.
  • Cayley Farming: In the 1990’s we owned over 100 acres of prime UK farmland. This has since been disposed of to to bring more capital into our main chemical business.
  • Cayley Flowers: In the mid ’90s we imported Longiflorum Lillies from Kenya into the UK.

You can see more details of the Cayley history from 1986 onwards on our ‘History‘ page.


Registrations & VAT

Cayley Chemicals started in business on 1st July 1987 although it was a few days before we actually did any business.

  • On 01.07.87 PJM bought Combelow Ltd off the shelf from a company formation agent.
  • On 08.07.87 we changed the name of Combelow Ltd to Cayley Chemical Corporation Ltd – Reg No: 2116782
  • On 04.01.89 a Company Formation agent registered Padclear Ltd
  • On 16.06.89 PJM bought Padclear Ltd off the shelf from a company formation agent and changed the name of Padclear Ltd to CCC Trading Ltd – Reg No: 2353833
  • On 01.07.89 CCC Trading bought Cayley Chemical Corporation Ltd at which point Cayley Chemical Corporation Ltd stopped trading.
  • The sole trading company was now CCC trading Ltd T/as Cayley Chemical Corporation and that is the legal position to date
  • VAT Cert – in the name of CCC Trading Ltd but trading as: Cayley Chemical Corporation. Vat No:  533 4091 66

To view our HMRC VAT Certificate, click here. You can also validate our VAT registration via the European Commission’s VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) by clicking here. Simply select the country (GB – United Kingdom) and enter our VAT number (533409166) and click “Verify”.

Below is a summary of our Companies House entry at January 2018. Click the image below to see the full current details on the Companies House website.

Companies House Summary



CCC Trading Ltd proudly supports and sponsors Kibera UK, an information portal for those wishing to work in the Kenya slum known as Kibera. You can also ‘Sponsor A Child‘ via the Kibera UK website. Any help would be much appreciated by the people of Kibera.

Cayley Sponsor Kibera UK
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