Export Documentation: Part 1 – Invoice

Export Documentation

Export documentation is critical.  It needs to very accurate and comprehensive and to meet the full requirements of the importing country. For the next few months we will examine various documents starting today with an Export Invoice

Export Invoice

An export invoice is different to a normal accounting invoice. Whereas an accounting invoice is primarily a method of a seller to get paid by a customer, an export invoice contains a lot more fields of information relating to, for example, the product(s), the terms, method of shipping, export/import licenses, container numbers etc. Failure to complete an export invoice correctly and accurately could result in….

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ZIMBABWE – Freedom Day – 21st Nov 2017

Zimbabwe Map

A few minutes ago Robert Mugabe resigned – absolutely fantastic news. Mugabe has been in power as president since Independence in 1980 – 37 long years ago. For the first few years he managed the country reasonably well but since 1990 he has been a terrible dictator. Many deaths are attributable to his actions particularly in Matabeleland. He bankrupted the country, looted its wealth for his and his crony’s personal gain and…..

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Sourcing from the EU

EU Map

We source most commodity chemicals from China because of cost advantage. However Europe still has some Chemical products that are Internationally competitive including many speciality Chemical raw materials. The following Chemicals we buy from mainland Europe for shipment to Africa, the Middle East and South America…..

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Exporting to Angola

Angola Map

Cayley Chemicals have been exporting to Angola for quite a number of years, but Angola is considered one of the more difficult countries in the world to successfully export to. The process of importing goods into Angola is time consuming and highly bureaucratic. Unlike many other African countries that require an eCTN (see our article here), Angola relies on hard copy certificates as opposed to electronic tracking. The World Bank….

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Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (eCTN)

South East Asia Map

We regularly supply LABSA from LG Korea to Burundi and one of the mandatory requirements of Burundi, amongst other African countries, is that an eCTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) is required. These eCTN’s, otherwise known as waiver certificates, are required by certain African countries to effectively control, supervise and manage import / export traffic to the country. The eCTN is an official, maritime document issued upon shipment at the loading port and mandatory for ….

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Philip John Mills

Philip is the MD, CEO & founder of CCC Trading Ltd t/a Cayley Chemicals which has been actively trading chemical raw materials to Africa, the Middle East and South America since 1987


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